The Elite Goalies team is made up of experienced coaches from all levels. Our team is 2nd to none and will provide you with unparalleled experience and instruction.

Our camps and lessons will develop and hone a goaltenders skills in a detail intensive environment. The dynamic coaching staff and unique instruction format provide our students with an experience where they will learn the most cutting edge training methods available. Our highly structured camps and lessons propel students to improve their skill level, self-esteem, concentration, confidence, coordination, discipline, physical and mental conditioning.





Lessons are available in Richmond BC, Dallas Texas, Houston Texas, Madison Wisconsin, and in Florida. Our online mentorship program is offered to students around the world. Click the location you are interested in to learn more.



The Elite Goalies progression driven model allows each goaltender to follow a structured training regimen that will ensure a proper foundation while seeing consistent growth. Our camps follow the following progression.
HIGH PERFORMANCE CAMP (AGES 9-12)2019-09-02T16:08:05-05:00

Establishing good habits as a young goaltender is essential for success in the Elite Goalies progression.

Here you will master the Save Cycle:
1. Pre Save: the recognition & response to getting into the shot line. Point to Point and Adaptive Skating Techniques
2. Save: Identifying the most effective save for you to stop the puck & efficiently control the rebound. Stance structure and response structure.
3. Post Save Recovery/Response: Recovering after the save & preparing for the next Pre-Save movement.

PROSPECTS CAMP (AGES 13-19)2019-08-28T09:06:12-05:00

The next level you will take your solid habits into establishing a solid Hockey IQ and best prepare you for Minor and Major Midget, Junior & College Hockey. At this Level you will identify and respond to the multiple ways that opposing teams will use to score on you. You will also learn to play within a team system and assist your team with Defensive Zone success. Designed for goaltenders looking to play high levels of hockey.

Here you will learn to manipulate:
4. Angles – Squareness – Depth
5. Advanced Tracking & Puck Trajectory
6. Box Control
7. Patience on your Edges (Lateral, Forward and Diagonal Release)
8. Efficient Skating techniques to eliminate balance issues or delayed response.

GAMEPLAN CAMP (AGES 13+)2019-08-28T09:07:03-05:00

At this level we will help you design a personal “Game Plan” which is a goaltender’s approach of how he or she will play the game. Here you will recognize the “player routings and predictability of the game” so you can move from decision making to a response inspired by your instinct. This allows you to upgrade your personal “Game Processing Speed” and developing what all goaltenders are in search of …consistency!

Here you will learn to:
9. Face the Top 10 Scoring Situations head on and move through various responses to find the best ones for your game.
10. Recognize all of the player routings and options derived from the 10 Scoring Situations
11. Set S.M.A.R.T Goals in areas of Performance, Recruitment and Athletics.
12. Learning to live a “Pro Lifestyle”

ELITE 8 (AGES 15+)2019-08-28T09:07:49-05:00

Coach Ratio: 1:2 and only 8 goaltenders on the ice.

Course Goals: Privately establish a goaltender’s personal “Game Plan”. Goaltenders will dismantle the 10 Scoring situations in detail, understanding the “what, when, why, and how to use your skill set inventory and establish a level of confidence needed to have success at the next level. Goaltenders will have taken the lessons learned from the Elite Performance and Elite Prospects Camps combined with the mentored “Goalie Sense” and “Game Plan” methods creating the Elite Goalie!

Description: Athletes at this level are prepared to lead their team as a number 1 goaltender, lay the groundwork for their transition to the top levels of Junior and or College Hockey.

MENTORSHIP (JUNIOR A – NCAA)2019-08-28T09:08:34-05:00

You have now earned your way to the prime level of your career where you will move from a successful amateur player to where NHL Teams will begin to take notice in what you may bring to their depth chart. This is what you have working toward your whole life and maximizing this experience is absolutely essential.

Here you will receive professional level mentorship by NHL and National Team Coaches whose sole purpose is to ensure that everything that you need moving forward is geared towards making your conversion from Amateur to Pro. This program is experienced by 6-8 of the very best amateur goaltenders in the World in a world class setting both on and off the ice.

Here you will share exclusive time with professional coaches as they share their experiences with you, customize approaches based on the professional organization’s chemistry, what they are looking for in a successful candidate, what skills are the most valued, how to manage the the pressures of the pro lifestyle, the demands on winning and understanding the business of pro hockey.

Here you will experience:
13. NHL Experienced Goaltending Coaches and National Team Goalie Coaches
14. Daily programs that will help you gain that additional 1-2% difference so that you stay ahead of the knowledge and skill curve.
15. Game Plan adjustments to match the skills and performance levels valued by the organization scouting you.
16. In-season calls and video review to ensure your performance levels maintain a level of professional consistency and life balance.
17. Endless and priceless experience.



From our Elite Goalies HQ at the Richmond Olympic Oval, to the Hertz Arena in Florida, to the Dr. Pepper Stars Centers in Texas, we ensure that our students are met with the top athletic facilities.



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